What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened that made you think God was real?

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If you’re like any of the almost two billion members on TikTok, you’ve stumbled upon top-trending stitches like the store-bought pesto “crazy” story-sharing sensation and others that have likely kept you scrolling for way longer than you intended.

But there’s a new stitch trend that’s making people question their faith – or, rather, affirm it.

Two weeks ago, TikTok user Sara Morgan – who posts content from the handle @songwritersara – posted a video to the social media platform posing the question, “What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you that made you think that God was real?”

“I’m not talking about believing in some kind of universal energy. I’m talking about something that was so coincidental that Jesus himself must have been sitting in your living room listening to you talk,” Morgan went on to say in the November 27 upload, before sharing a story that began a few months after her father passed away.

“If anything out there is listening to me at all, if there really is anything listening to me, I could use a sign that you’ve got my dad or that he’s okay, because this is gonna absolutely destroy me. I’m not gonna survive it,” she said.

Later in the afternoon of the same day, her brother called.


“Do you remember that dream I had a few months back when Dad showed up at the house, but we all knew that he was gone, so it was weird that he was there ‘cause he’s not supposed to be there?” her brother asked during their phone call.

“I said, ‘yeah, why?’”

“Because that dream picked back up last night right where it left off when he was asking for a cup of coffee. So I made him the cup of coffee, we sat down in the kitchen, we talked for a little while, and then he went to the front door to leave. He turned around when he got outside, and he looked me square in the face, and he said ‘this is my last stop…tell Sara I’m okay.”

Morgan said her brother said he was just calling to relay the message. 

“Halfway through the conversation, I knew, and I was going ‘oh God, you are not. You are not about to actually do this. Because I asked you for a sign, but I don’t really want it because then I have to be held accountable, and I’m not interested in that,’” Morgan continued to say in the TikTok.

“And then when my brother said what he said, it turned into irritation. ‘Why couldn’t you have just given me that dream? I would have loved to have seen my dad, even if it was just in a dream…’”

“Oh, that’s right — because I talked about it, prayed for it, and then my brain dreamt it, so I would have written it off,” Morgan explained to the video’s 1.3 million-and-growing viewers.

“Then my irritation turned into sheer panic. Is there actually a God listening to me? Because if there is, I need to clean up my mouth,” she jested.

“I’ve always heard people say that God knows what you need before you ask for it, and this was one of those things that I just could not chalk up to a coincidence… My brother had the first half of that dream two months beforehand. He had no clue that day that I was gonna ask for that that morning. God knew I was gonna ask for it, so he gave my brother that dream that night so he could call me that afternoon.”


In the two weeks since, Sara Morgan’s video has been stitched hundreds of times – with some of the stitched videos garnering even more views than Morgan’s original.

“Stitching” refers to a function within the app that allows you to fuse a previously posted video on TikTok with one you’re creating.

TikTok logo

The TikTok app logo is shown. On Nov. 29, 2023, an Indiana county judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the state accusing TikTok of deceiving its users about the level of inappropriate content for children on its platform and the security of its consumers’ personal information. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato, File)

On November 29, TikTok user @salazarsquadma shared a moving stitch video involving a different kind of dream that over 2.4 million people have since watched.

“Okay so back eight years ago, I had a dream that my sister was pregnant. At the time, my sister was on the streets. She had got addicted to drugs and we would have to go search for her and find her.”

The TikTok user said she called her mother to share the news about her dream with her, to which she replied, “Please do not tell me that.”

“A couple months go by, we finally get a hold of her [her sister], and she tells us that, sure enough, she’s pregnant.”

Her sister revealed she would be having a baby boy.


“Then I have this dream, and this little girl came to me in the dream. I remember she was like five years old and had long jet black hair. And she had Asian eyes,” the user described. “In the dream, she was talking to me telepathically. She didn’t say anything, but we were communicating.”

When she woke up, she said that while she couldn’t quite recall the conversation, she couldn’t shake the strong connection.

The user called her mother, once again sharing her dream and explaining her newfound belief that her sister must be having a girl.

When her sister’s baby was finally born, their mother – who was in attendance at the hospital – called her and reported that the baby “has jet black hair and Asian eyes.”

Much like her dream prophesied, her sister birthed a baby girl after all. However, due to her addiction, the newborn was forced to remain in the hospital to ween off of the drugs that had been found in her system.

Due to the drugs, the parties involved felt it would be best if the baby was given a new home.

“So, my niece, who is now my daughter, was in the hospital for 14 days detoxing off of all the things that were in her system,” the user announced toward the end of the viral video. “We named her Journey and she’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“You can never tell me that God is not real,” the user concluded.

Another user, whose handle is @vikingfinancialgroup, stitched a simpler yet equally profound story in response.

“Ever since I could remember, my mom always prayed at the foot of the bed, and she always prayed around lunchtime,” the user began.

“One day around 2005, I was at lunch, I was in high school, and I just got real still all of a sudden, and I had all those chill bumps on top of my head…In my mind, I saw my mom praying at a computer chair. And I thought to myself, “no, she doesn’t do that. She always prays at the foot of her bed. Always.”

After he came home from school, he asked his mother where she had prayed that day. Understandably, her son’s question struck her as a bit odd.

“She said, ‘You know what, my bed wasn’t made and I had laundry on the bed. So, I just grabbed a computer chair, rolled it up, started praying.”


The user said he couldn’t get his heart to “calm down for about 15 minutes.”

“I went to church my whole life…but until that moment, I had no clue God was real.”

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