60 birthday gift ideas that we’d actually be excited to unwrap

60 birthday gift ideas that we'd actually be excited to unwrap

Kids aren’t the only ones who get excited about birthday gifts. You can be a full-grown adult and still lose your shit when you open up the gift that topped your wish list. But as you get older, it does become a little more difficult to come up with a list of birthday gift ideas. You can’t just ask for all the coolest new toys anymore. Well, you can if you want — we’re not going to stop you.

If your birthday is coming up and you’re struggling to think of what you want, don’t sweat it. We compiled the ultimate birthday wish list, with gifts ranging from tech to spa trips to home goods. Read on for some birthday inspo and start casually dropping hints to your friends. And hey, happy birthday!

a bluetooth record player on a side table

Credit: Sony

Are your Spotify playlists just not cutting it anymore? Switch it up and go retro with a vinyl music collection. This turntable connects to Bluetooth speakers and headphones, or you can hook it up to a traditional sound system using cords. It costs $249.99 ( but you can sometimes find it on sale for under $200).

echo dot 5th gen speaker on kitchen counter

Credit: Amazon

If you don’t have a smart speaker by now, it’s time to make a change. The Echo Dot is an affordable voice-controlled companion that’ll keep you in the loop on the weather, current events, and keep track of your most important reminders. Also, they’re great for playing music. Get one for $49.99.

airpods with case on grass

Credit: Stan Schroeder / Mashable

Apple stepped up its audio game with the AirPods Pro 2, which feature improved sound quality and active noise cancellation. For a cheaper alternative (the AirPods Pro 2 will set you back $249, but are frequently on sale) ask for the latest 3rd gen AirPods which start at $169.

theragun massage gun on person's leg

Credit: TheraGun

Whether you’re working at a desk all day, running around, or just inexplicably tense, a massage gun will get you limber and relaxed again. What better gift than the gift of painless movement? Our best recommendation? Go for the TheraGun. Their Prime model costs $299, but if that’s not quite in your budget, then check out our gadget gift guide for more gifting inspiration.

person holding DJI mini 2 SE drone

Credit: DJI

This drone is small and super lightweight, but it takes stunning photos and videos. It’s great for traveling or for using at home. DJI is one of the top names in drones and the Mini 2 SE costs $339 with a remote control.

blender in front of green background

Credit: Nutribullet

Make smoothies in your own kitchen with a NutriBullet personal blender — it’s fast and easy. The NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor comes with the 600W motor base, blender blade, 24-ounce blending cup, travel lid, and lip ring, plus a recipe book if you’re sick of the same old smoothies. It costs $58 at Walmart.

row of iphone 15 smartphones in various colors

Credit: Apple

Still living that single-camera iPhone 8 life? Don’t spend your own money on an expensive phone — have someone who loves you spend their money! The new iPhone 15 starts at $799 while the iPhone 15 Plus retails at $899 and up. (Group gift, anyone?)

watch with van gogh's starry night on the watch face

From astronomy to animals and more.
Credit: RedJuanShop

You like watches and art, so why not combine them? This Etsy shop has a huge selection of artwork watch faces, and you can even upload your own image. The watches start at $16.78.

card game

Credit: What Do You Meme?

Be the king or queen of your next game night by asking for What Do You Meme? — a Cards Against Humanity-style game, but with memes. You’re not guaranteed to win, but you will have some good laughs for sure. The game goes for $29.99.

card game

Credit: We’re not really strangers

Yes, that’s two card games on a single birthday list, but hear us out: there’s a time for memes, and a time for soul-searching and human connection. This “game” (it’s really more of an activity) is the latter. Get uncomfortably personal with family or break the ice on first dates — either way, these red cards will add new dimensions to your relationships (see their popular Instagram page for proof). The basic set is $25, with expansion packs available.

two men wearing athleisure

Credit: Fanatics

Show your team some love with a new shirt, jersey, or whatever else you want to flex their logo on. Fanatics has apparel for almost every die-hard sports fan (we’re looking at you, Buckeyes), with gear for the NFL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, NHL, and more. Prices vary.

Woman filming herself using the Nikon Z 30

Credit: Nikon

When giving your friends and family birthday gift ideas, it’s usually best to look for gifts under $50. But if you have a partner or parent who really loves you, then it’s okay to dream big.

An easy-to-use mirrorless camera designed with creators in mind, the Nikon Z 30 boasts video, camera, and live streaming capabilities at an affordable price. The camera body can be purchased alone or with one or two kit lenses. There’s also the creators’ accessory bundle which comes with a mic, tripod grip, and Bluetooth remote.

three boxes of fujifilm disposable cameras

Credit: Fujifilm

At the other end of the photographic spectrum, snap some throwback pics with a disposable camera. You’ll capture some fun, in-the-moment memories with no do-overs. A three-pack of disposable cameras costs $69.99 (these have become kind of expensive since the invention of digital/phone cameras).

apple watch on black bacgkround

Credit: Apple

An Apple Watch lets you access smartphone features conveniently on your wrist. You can control your music, send and receive texts, monitor your health, and tons more. The Apple Watch Series 9 is $399 at Amazon, but you can usually find it on sale.

living room with amazon fire stick on the coffee table

Credit: Amazon

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is one of the best streaming devices we’ve tested, and it’s also one of our favorite birthday gift ideas. If you don’t already have a smart TV but want to access Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and all the other streaming apps directly from your TV, ask for a Fire TV Stick for your b-day. Amazon’s streaming stick has better voice control than similar products from Roku, and the 4K version normally goes for $49.99.

a large pile of $50 bills

Credit: Pixabay

You really can’t beat the gift of cold, hard cash — or a gift card. A Visa card is a perfect birthday gift because you can spend it on literally whatever you want; buy yourself something fun or get some help with groceries. Best of all, you don’t need to decide exactly what you want before your birthday. The gift card starts at $10.

Bonita Fierce candle with lid

Credit: Bonita Fierce

Candles are a timeless gift that you can ask for at every single gift-giving opportunity (and will likely receive anyways if you don’t specify what you actually want). We are firm believers that you can never have too many candles. Add some sweet scents from Bonita Fierce, a Latina-owned small business, to your b-day wish list this year and every year. Candles start at $16

person putting fragrance in wall diffuser

Credit: Pura

If candles are a no-go, opt for a Bluetooth-enabled diffuser to make any room in your home smell divine. The Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser ($49.99) holds two fragrances and is controlled entirely through the app. Schedule one smell to wake up to and one to fall asleep to with the in-app calendar feature. Pura collaborates with brands like NEST, Anthropologie, Disney, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to source their scents, so whatever the occasion calls for, they’ve got your back.

Lodge cast iron skillet with four biscuits on tablecloth

Credit: Lodge

A cast-iron skillet is the true sign that you’re graduating from cheap nonstick cookware and all mismatched plates. It’s something you probably want, but don’t particularly want to spend the money on. Lodge has different sizes depending on what you’re wanting to cook. A 10.25-inch skillet costs $40.75, but we’ve seen it drop below $25 recently.

instant pot

Credit: Instant Pot

Maybe not quite as heavy duty as a cast-iron skillet but just as useful: a pressure cooker that can air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, slow cook, prepare rice, steam, sauté, and more. Impress guests with your culinary skills (that are in fact just throwing all the ingredients listed in the recipe into this thing and then waiting a few hours). The Instant Pot 11-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker will cost your gift-giver $199.99, but they can reap the rewards when you cook for them with it.

woman relaxing in sauna

Credit: Pixabay

A spa day is the ultimate treat yo’ self gift (just ask the Parks and Rec gang). Spafinder works with a network of spas and wellness centers, so you can use this gift card at your choice of location for a relaxing massage or rejuvenating facial.

two people sitting on the floor among boxes

Credit: Drizly

Have a favorite type of wine that you can’t seem to find in any store? Or looking to try a new type of whiskey? Drizly offers delivery on beer, wine, and liquor and has thousands of options. A Drizly gift card is also a perfect last-minute gift idea. Cheers!

arm covered in tattoos

Credit: Inkbox

If you like the idea of tattoos but don’t love commitment, Inkbox is an awesome gift. Pick from a huge selection of designs or create your own custom tat. The ink lasts on your skin for about two weeks, and the semi-permanent tattoos start at $6.

custom painting of dogs next to a glass with a plant

Credit: LeFlore Studio

Sometimes, the best birthday gifts are the ones made just for you. If you’re obsessed with your pet, these custom pet portraits need to be on your birthday list. There are many different styles to choose from, each one super freakin’ adorable. Prices vary depending on size.

living room with purple light bulbs

Credit: Philips

Turn your bedroom into a party with these color-changing smart light bulbs. You can control the lights from your phone and set whatever mood you’re feeling. This kit includes two smart Bluetooth bulbs for $99.99.

man setting down Anker portable projector

The portable projector fits in the palm of your hands.
Credit: Anker

All of your friends will start calling your home the “cool house” if movie nights involve this mini portable projector. Use it to play movies, shows, or games outside on a screen or indoors on a blank wall. The Anker Nebula Capsule in black costs $289.99.

man riding bike

Credit: Schwinn

Head outdoors with this hybrid bike designed for both leisure and more adventurous rides. It comes in different colors and a couple of different styles for men and women. The 18-inch Schwinn GTX 2.0 bike normally goes for $549.99.

Person holding a smartphone with the AllTrails app pulled up on the screen

Credit: AllTrails

Love to be outside, but can’t fold a map to save your life? Enter AllTrails+, the app designed to get you off your phone and into the wild. Featuring over 400,000 curated trails all over the world, the app allows you to download maps in case of a poor signal, record your hikes, create your own trails, and more. A yearly subscription costs $35.99

beer making kit on white background

Credit: Mr. Beer

If you’re a craft beer connoisseur, it’s time you start brewing your own ales. This kit comes with everything you need to make two gallons of Mr. Beer’s Golden Ale and it costs $59.95.

macbook air laptops grouped together

Credit: Apple

MacBook Airs are super nice computers, but they can definitely be a bit pricey… which is what makes them such a great addition to a birthday wish list. Someone who loves you can drop the big bucks for you! A 13.6-inch MacBook Air M2 with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD goes for $1,099 at Best Buy.

Roomba transitioning from hardwood to carpet

Credit: iRobot

Stop manually vacuuming your house every day and let a robot vacuum clean your floors for you. The Roomba 694 has WiFi connectivity for mobile and voice controls and it’s tough on pet hair. This robot vacuum costs $274.99.

woman sleeping under grey blanket

Credit: Quilty

For what seems like an extraneous expense, an extra-heavy blanket can be a total game-changer. Besides providing all the comfort of a partner without the snoring, a weighted blanket can reduce tossing and turning and keep you extra warm. This one at Amazon comes in a bunch of colors, sizes, and weights, but the 60-inch by 80-inch 15-pound blanket (a good place to start) costs $76.99.

woman wearing sunglasses in front of blue background

Credit: Pixabay

Like, a nice pair of sunglasses. From beach days in the summer to warding off snow glare when driving in the colder months, sunglasses come in handy throughout the year (even just to have on your head as a lowkey flex). The unisex pair of Ray-Bans featured below costs $221.

Kindle scribe with stylus and pencils

Credit: Molly Flores / Mashable

The Mashable team has tested every Kindle e-reader, and we loved how the new Kindle Scribe lets you take notes as you read. Instead of asking for a book, ask for a Kindle for your birthday and save yourself money and space. Yes, it doesn’t smell the same, but now you’ll have no excuses for not keeping up with your yearly reading resolutions. The newest Kindle Scribe with 16GB storage and onscreen writing is $339.99 at Amazon.

Stasher bags starter kit

Credit: Stasher

Whether you’re packing your lunch or storing leftovers, using plastic bags should be your last resort. Heck, you should be trying to stay away from all single-use plastics if you’re able to. But, if you want to start small, these Stasher bags are a great option to make your daily life more eco-friendly. These silicone bags are secure and completely reusable — either wash them by hand or stuff them in the dishwasher. Grab a starter pack for $99.99.

Buffy Cloud comforter

Credit: Buffy

Comforters, like a mattress, shouldn’t be an item you cheap out on. They’re supposed to last you a while, so why not have something a little more luxurious? The Buffy Cloud comforter is a sustainable comforter made from recycled fiber and eucalyptus. Mashable Shopping Reporter Leah Stodart reviewed it here, calling it “the first piece of bedding I’ve used that actually feels kind of dreamy.” Snag a full/queen size comforter for $189 at Buffy.

Furbo pet camera

Credit: Furbo

If you’re anything like us, you view your pet like it’s your actual child. We support that. Now, you can up your pet parent game by picking up a Furbo pet camera. Not only does it livestream what your pet is up to while you aren’t home straight to your phone, but it also has the ability to toss treats and produce two-way audio for quick check-ins. This pet camera is often on sale, so check for the latest price at Amazon.

woman sipping from Hydroflask water bottle

Credit: Hydroflask

It’s always a good time to get more serious about hydration. A HydroFlask is a perfect way to make sure you have a cool (or hot) beverage on-hand, and they’re super durable during outdoorsy activities. Grab one for $49.95 at Amazon.

Colorful chopsticks on a dark background

Credit: Pingto

Step up your take-out game and do right by the environment with a set of elegant, reusable chopsticks. The bundle of six bamboo chopsticks comes in two color palettes and retails for $32.

Spatula removing a piece of pizza from a whole pizza

Credit: Goldbelly

Speaking of take-out: if you’ve maxed out your city’s culinary offerings, see what’s available from the rest of the country. Goldbelly makes it possible to order meals and gifts from restaurants around the United States. No matter your craving, a Goldbelly gift card at any price point is bound to satisfy.

Plush aloe vera plant in pot

Credit: Jellycat

Not everyone is a natural gardener, but even the least capable among us will have no trouble keeping this smiling succulent happy ($22.50). Jellycat plush toys have earned a cult following among kids and adults alike with their variety of soft and playful offerings ranging from animals to foods to inanimate objects like office supplies. Prices for their “amuseables” start at $15.

Colorful habit tracking palnner on an orange background

Credit: MochiThings

You’re one year older, so it’s time to get your shit in order and form some healthy habits. Whether there’s an exercise regimen you’re hoping to stick to, a project you want to finish, or a vice you’re trying to quit, this weekly habit tracker will keep you on track without judgment. It only costs $10.95 to become a better person. 

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Person in all black with a gray patterned bag over their shoulder

Credit: Nanobag

There’s running errands and there’s running errands. If you’re prone to getting in a few miles before you stop at the grocery store, ask for a Nanobag, a tote bag that can fold up into a pocket-size ball. The standard size retails for $13.95 and comes in six different colors.

White photo printer

Credit: Canon

Have some photos on your phone or Instagram that you want to pin to your fridge? Ask for the Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer ($139.99). This sleek gadget connects to your Android or iPhone through WiFi, SD card, or USB stick and prints out your favorite pics in a layout design of your choosing. The printing isn’t instant (the color ink layers print one at a time), but the quality of the final product makes it worth the wait.

Woman doing planks on the plankpad

Credit: Plankpad

Who says ab workouts can’t be fun? (Most people). The Plankpad PRO ($129) turns core exercises into games through the specialty balance board and synchronized app. In addition to games, the app also has the standard exercise series if you’d prefer to suffer through it without some silly graphics to distract you. 

woman tucking phone into flipbelt fanny pack

Credit: FlipBelt

Whether you’re going for a run or heading to a music festival, keep your necessities at the ready with a FlipBelt Zipper pack. This handy belt can hold your phone, money, credit card, keys, and all sorts of everyday necessities. Coming in multiple sizes, the FlipBelt doesn’t bounce or chafe and is machine washable. Choose a color or pattern you like and add it to your Amazon cart for $39.

dog chewing on gameboy-shaped dog toy

Credit: P.L.A.Y. Store

Sure, your dog can’t appreciate wordplay or the clever designs of these toys, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still furnish their collection with squeakables that make you laugh. P.L.A.Y toys come in a range of themes like retro ‘80s and ‘90s culture, brunch, cinema, camping, junk food, and tourist attractions, plus your standard fare of ropes and frisbees. Prices vary.

crossrope weighted jump rope with phone app

Credit: Crossrope

Turn traditional jump roping on its head with Crossrope. The weighted jump rope (available in 1/4, 1/2, one, and two-pound weight options) and associated app keeps you on your toes and strengthens your entire body through guided workouts. For those with downstairs neighbors or curious pets, the weighted ropeless option provides a silent solution for an otherwise noisy activity. Upgrade to the Bluetooth-connected AMP handles for a more individualized experience.

around the neck reading lamp on gray background

Credit: Glocusent

Like to read in bed, but your partner can’t fall asleep without total darkness? Try the Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, a lightweight gadget that rests on your neck and illuminates the space directly in front of you with your choice of three hues and three intensities. As perfect for a night time plane ride as it is for ghost stories around the camp fire, the Glocusent uses a rechargeable battery and has a 30-min automatic timer for those likely to nod off mid-read.

custom cookie cutter in shape of dog

Credit: FormaCookieCutters

Celebrate your favorite furry creature by eating their face — in a good way. Send in a photo of your best pet friend to this Etsy store and get a four-inch-wide, food-safe PLA cookie cutter of their likeness in return. Whether you’re taking care of the baking or you’re leaving the prep work for the recipient, you’re going to be hailed as an absolute gift-giving wizard. Order these custom birthday gifts for $30 from Etsy seller the FormaCookieCutters.

two bags of chai in brown box

Credit: Kolkata Chai

Not satisfied with supermarket-bought chai? Get the real thing from New York-based chai-preneurs at Kolkata Chai. This small business will send authentic chai straight to your door with the Masala Chai Concentrate ($49) or Chai Day Super Combo ($69). For devoted chai drinkers, Kolkata Chai also has several variety packs that would be perfect for gifting.

rows of books in brightly lit bookstore

Credit: Getty Images / iStock / Extreme-Photographer

Support independent bookstores from around the country with a gift card to Bookshop. Starting at $10, the gift cards can either be used to buy books from a specific shop you love, or the purchase can feed the site’s profit sharing pool to benefit all of Bookshop’s partner stores. 

a papier 2024 planner on desk next to a pen

Credit: Papier

Are you a proud Type A over-planner and over-thinker? Or maybe your meticulously organized BFF is having a birthday soon? This planner can be customized with the recipient’s name and three personal photos, and despite the personalization, this spiral-bound planner costs just $35.

lego orchid on bedroom nightstand

Credit: LEGO

One of our favorite gifts under $50 is this LEGO Orchid that’s fun to build and adds a nice touch of greenery to your space that feels more unique than a plastic plant. This set is part of the LEGO Icons line, which also features succulents, a bonsai tree, and a bouquet, in case orchids aren’t your thing.

aerogarden slim on kitchen counter

Credit: AeroGarden

Whether you’re an enthusiastic home chef, like a bit of greenery, or simply can’t stand running to the grocery store every time a recipe calls for some cilantro, a hydroponic garden is a great way to keep veggies and herbs on hand, even if you don’t have a green thumb. We’re fans of AeroGarden, which has gardens that start at $99.95.

white ember mug sitting on desk of person working on laptop

Credit: Ember

There’s a lot of debate about what makes a good gift, but getting something that is a) practical and b) something just extravagant enough that you’d never get it for yourself may be the infallibly perfect combo. We think for coffee and tea drinkers, that combo is found in the Ember Mug 2, which retails for $129.95. This temperature-controlled mug may be unnecessary (and expensive), but boy does it feel good to take a hot sip of coffee after forgetting you poured it an hour ago.

deputy reviews editor miller kern using the theraface pro

Credit: Molly Flores / Mashable

You can ask for a day at the spa, or you can ask for the gift of getting a facial whenever you want and from the comfort of your home. Mashable’s Deputy Reviews Editor Miller Kern wrote the TheraFace Pro is “a hell of a lot cheaper than getting regular professional facials, and I truly feel like I’ve received a spa treatment every time I use [it]” in her review of the device.

shark flexstyle with attachments

Credit: Bethany Allard / Mashable

Instead of asking for the $600 Dyson Airwrap, you can get a product that performs nearly identically for half the price in the Shark FlexStyle (trust us, we tested them head to head). Pick up a version for textured hair or straighter hair for $299.99.

person holding black Nintendo Switch Pro controller

Credit: Nintendo

It’s never too late to upgrade your Switch set up, and the Pro controller can help you do just that. This controller is perfect for when you connect your device to a larger display, and it has the added bonus of zero Joy-Con drift.

white vitruvi humidifer in living room

Credit: Vitruvi

There’s something to be said for a product that can marry form and function, and this Vitruvi humidifier does just that. Admittedly, $229 is probably a hefty price for a humidifier you’re buying for yourself, but it’s a great splurge gift if you prefer your household appliances not be eyesores.

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