Galaxy AI: 3 Samsung Galaxy S24 features for monolingual travelers

Galaxy AI: 3 Samsung Galaxy S24 features for monolingual travelers

At Unpacked, Samsung unveiled Galaxy AI, a set of AI-powered tools designed to make your life easier.

What really caught my eye, however, are the cluster of new Galaxy AI features that will help the awkward vacationers among us, particularly monolingual travelers, who often struggle with language barriers while visiting unfamiliar cities.

3 Galaxy AI features that break language barriers

Galaxy AI frees you from needing a third-party app to communicate with others who don’t speak your language. Translations and transcriptions happen right on the device, the new Galaxy S24 series to be precise, so you can enjoy a native experience without cluttering your home screen with various apps.

1. Real-time translations for calls

Let’s say you’re trying to book a reservation in Madrid, but you don’t know any Spanish beyond hola and adios.

Real-time translations for calls demo

Credit: Samsung

With Galaxy AI’s real-time voice translation feature, you can speak as you normally would, but then, an AI chatbot will step in to translate your words to person on the other end.

And once the person responds, Galaxy AI will translate that statement for you in your native language.

Interestingly, Galaxy AI will remember the language your contacts speak, so you don’t need to constantly tweak your settings before each conversation.

2. Interpreter

Galaxy AI can also step in as your personal interpreter. For example, if you get lost in a foreign country, you can use this feature to ask foreign passersby questions to help you get to your destination.

Interpreter demo at Unpacked

Credit: Samsung

In the demo showcased at Unpacked, Interpreter regurgitated an English-posed question to Spanish. When the Spanish speaker responded, it translated the statement to English, allowing the lost English speaker to finally get an understanding on how to get back on the right path.

3. Chat Assist

Galaxy AI is also beneficial if you’re texting someone who speaks a different language, too. Chat Assist, thanks to the AI processing that underpins it, can detect languages — and translate them, too.

Chat Assist demo at Unpacked

Credit: Samsung

For example, I have family in France, but I don’t speak a lick of French. With Chat Assist, I can type messages in my native tongue, but it will translate them for the French-speaking person on the receiving end, sparing me from copying and pasting from third-party apps.

Final thoughts

According to Samsung, these three features support 13 languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Thai, Spanish, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

Samsung boasted that Galaxy AI delivers best-in-class intelligence for the Galaxy S24 series, and if these on-device AI features are as smooth as Samsung makes them out to be, the Galaxy S24 Ultra may very well be my next daily driver.

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