Golden Opportunities: Using Social Media to Market Your Hotel | Travel Media Group

Golden Opportunities: Using Social Media to Market Your Hotel | Travel Media Group

In an age where social media has evolved from solely being experience-sharing platforms to being the source of all information, companies can no longer deny the importance of having an online presence. Consumers tend to trust the legitimacy and relevance of a brand if they are active on various social media sites. 

Social media offers golden opportunities that don’t require luck, just a little time and effort. For several reasons, making time for your company’s online presence could propel your business ahead. Let’s dive into what these are and how to take advantage of them!

Your Guests Are On There

According to platform reports in 2023, 4.95 billion people, or 61.4% of the world’s population, are active on social media. According to the Global Web Index, users aged 16 to 64 access 6.7 social media platforms monthly. The evidence is there, your guests are active online.

Beyond the statistics, these users are not only on social media to mindlessly scroll or post about their lives; they are there to influence their decisions on where to stay and spend their money. Customers want to see what the property looks like, its location, and what comes with their stay. Without a built online brand, customers can’t find you and will most likely book with a competitor with an active presence. 

Your Competitors Are On There (or not)

Being active on social media can yield an extreme disadvantage or an extreme advantage, depending on where your brand stands. If you are inactive but the hotel down the street is active, you have already lowered your chances of garnering their business. Consumers would rather spend their money at a hotel that has actively shown what they offer at their property and where there is less room for let-down expectations. 

On the contrary, if your local competitors are not active, it is a chance to level up. You have a golden opportunity to take market share in the hotel industry within your area online. Taking advantage of this boosts you ahead while simultaneously leaving the competition behind. But, there is more to the strategy than just increasing bookings; it sets your property up for long-term success.

Build a Community + Brand Reputation 

We can’t forget what social media was initially invented to do—to be social! It allows your brand to create an interactive community while building its reputation. By reposting guest photos that stayed at your property and responding to direct messages and comments, you create a genuine relationship with past and current guests and show future guests that you care.

Staying consistent with posting is the secret to success. Simply having a profile does not offer guests the comfort of booking with you. Remind users of your brand and what you offer frequently to keep your content fresh in searches. You can share your brand values, hotel features, and local events to increase your online community involvement and enhance your offline presence!  

It Reinforces Your Offline Presence

Every business and company has an online and offline presence. Realistically, the offline presence takes priority in ensuring your hotel functions correctly and to the best of its ability. A great social media strategy does not trump issues within the physical property. But, if your hotel’s physical reputation is solid, social media can reinforce your offline presence to past, current, and future guests. 

Both online and offline presences are essential, each carrying its own weight. But when executed strategically and successfully, they help each other grow over time, leading to more bookings and a loyal guest base. 

Work With the Experts

For those with little experience, social media can seem like an overwhelming task to take on. Luckily for busy hoteliers, there are solutions to assist with strategy and content creation. The Social Media for Hotels digital solution is a one-stop shop for kick-starting your hotel’s social media strategy. Reap the benefits of your strategy while our team optimizes your profiles, consistently posts content, engages with your community and promotes your brand through ads to encourage more bookings.

With TMG OneView®, you can view your social media accounts anytime, anywhere, and from any device. You can create and schedule posts, respond to Facebook reviews, and engage with guests in one place. Leave the responsibility of elevating your online presence to the experts while you manage your offline presence. 

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