Armed store clerk who scared off sledgehammer-wielding suspects says he’s had ‘enough’ of escalating crime

Armed store clerk who scared off sledgehammer-wielding suspects says he's had 'enough' of escalating crime

A Bay Area store owner spoke out to Fox News after successfully repelling a band of would-be thieves armed with sledgehammers who rushed into his store and made a beeline for his glass cases of valuables.

Albert Marcu of the Estates Consignment shop in Contra Costa County said “enough is enough” as it pertains to the roiling criminality gripping California, particularly San Francisco.

Surveillance video showed a woman leaving the store and holding the door as the masked bandits rushed in. As they approached the rear counters, Marcu could be seen backing into a corner and pulling out a .38 revolver – which caused the group to stop in their tracks and turn to flee.


surveillance video of store clerk pointing gun at suspects

Estates Consignment store clerk Albert Marcu is seen behind the counter pointing a gun at would-be robbers in Pleasant Hill, Calif. (Fox News)

Local reports said police arrived within seconds but were unable to pursue the criminals.

“Lots of crimes happened around us. Many stores that get robbed, smashed [are] around here,” Marcu said Friday.

“But, you know, a few miles from us, it’s like Walnut Creek city, Danville, San Ramon. And enough is enough. Nobody is doing anything,” he said. 

Walnut Creek was notably the site of a 2021 flash mob smash-and-grab spree in 2021 that made national headlines. Another similar incident occurred at the popular Broadway Plaza area in October, where the Louis Vuitton store was targeted by a group of at least 10 people.

Marcu added he had a “premonition” his store might be next as large-scale retail thefts become synonymous with the Bay Area.


When he saw the men with the sledgehammers, Marcu said he wanted to “make a statement” that retailers should not put up with such behavior. 

“We have to take a stand. You know, we pay our politicians to do something about it, but nothing is being done.”

When asked on “America Reports” about Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent comments about establishing task forces on retail thefts, and a claim that San Francisco has “outperformed” other areas in the state in reducing that crime, Marcu said the Democrat’s assertions are “not true.”

“The crime increased almost 30%. And daily, things happen. Customers are afraid to go out, are afraid to shop, and they are coming and they talk with me, and they are all complaining about this awful situation,” he said.


“Jobs get lost, revenue gets lost…” he added.

Speaking earlier this week with KRON, Marcu said he fled Communism in his native Romania, and that he is upset at the public safety climate in California.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact Pleasant Hill, Calif., P.D.

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