Apple Music Replay 2023: How to get yours

Apple Music Replay 2023: How to get yours

If you don’t use Spotify, conversations with friends and your feed might feel a little alienating of late.

With the release of Spotify Wrapped, your Instagram Stories, TikTok FYP, and X timeline has likely been taken over by friends posting their top artists and songs, something called a “Sound Town” and their particular listening personality.


After a year of new AI features, Spotify Wrapped 2023 celebrates the ‘real stuff’

Well, if you’re more of an Apple Music user, there’s a year-end wrap-up for you too, with Apple Music Replay.

What is Apple Music Replay?

Launched in Feb. 2022, Apple Music Replay is basically Apple’s version of Spotify Wrapped, an overview of artists, albums, songs, playlists, and stations you’ve listened to the most over the year.

The main difference with Apple’s service is it’s available to check all year, so you can see what you’ve listened to, play counts, and time spent listening. At the end of the year, you can access a year-end Replay, which comes with the coveted, shareable reel of your listening habits.

How can I get my Apple Music Replay?

You can view your Apple Music Replay in two places:

Through the Apple Music app

What You Need

  • iPhone
  • Apple Music app
  • Apple Music account

Step 1:
Open the Apple Music app on your iPhone.

Step 2:
Tap the “Browse” tab.

Scroll through the top carousel until you reach “Check out Replay…”

Step 3:
Tap “Check out Replay” and you’ll be switched to Safari, where the Apple Music Replay site will load.

Step 4:
Tap “Jump In”.

You might be prompted to sign into Apple Music here using your Apple ID.

Through the Apple Music desktop site

What You Need

  • Desktop/laptop
  • Apple Music account

Step 2:
Click “Jump In”.

You may need to sign into your Apple Music account using your Apple ID.

Do I get a fancy reel to share?

Yes, Apple wouldn’t miss a moment to advertise its music service to all of your friends, so you can tap the Share button to share your year-end Replay.

How do I find and share my Apple Music Replay playlist?

Step 1:
Open the Apple Music app.

Step 2:
Tap “Listen Now”.

Step 3:
Scroll down until you see the playlist “Replay: Your Top Songs by Year”.

Step 4:
Add it to your Library by tapping + in the top right corner.

Step 5:
Tap the three dots and tap “Share playlist”.

Step 6:
Copy the link for social media apps or choose one of the suggested apps to share.

Wait, you actually do have Spotify? Here’s where to get your Spotify Wrapped.

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