Comedian Nick Swardson escorted offstage during his own set: ‘So bad it’s historical’

Comedian Nick Swardson escorted offstage during his own set: ‘So bad it’s historical’

There was a heckler at the comedy show…but the call was coming from inside the house. 

On Monday, comedian Nick Swardson, 47, was escorted off the stage during his own stand-up set in Beaver Creek, CO.

Swardson was performing as the headliner at the Vilar Performing Arts Center at the time of the incident. According to TMZ, he got into a shouting match with his own audience. 

In one video clip posted by an attendee, Swardson can be seen saying he will “rally,” as he rambles and impersonates action star Jason Statham, while the crowd boos. An audience member off-camera can be heard saying that Swardson’s comedy set is “so bad, it’s historical.”

Video footage of Nick Swardson taken by audience members. Sean Guy/X
Nick Swardson got removed from his own stand up set, in a bizarre incident. Getty Images

“I can’t take it, I can’t take it, I can’t take it,” a woman could be heard saying. 

In another clip from the event, in which Swardson rambled about the late Norm MacDonald being one of his “best friends,” a woman in the audience can be heard asking Swardson, “What’d you smoke before the show?”

Another fan who posted footage described Swardson as being “bombed out of his mind.” 

“Brutal, I really hope Nick Swardson apologizes publicly,” another fan commented

Swardson is best known for appearing in movies such as “Almost Famous,” “Grandma’s Boy,” “Malibu’s Most Wanted” and “The House Bunny.” He’s also been in a slew of Adam Sandler movies, such as “Click,” “Grown Ups 2” and “The Ridiculous 6.” 

On TV, he co-starred in “Reno 911!” and he also appeared in shows such as “Portlandia” and “The Goldbergs.” 

Nick Swardson is best known for appearing in Adam Sandler movies. Getty Images
Nick Swardson also started rambling about the late Norm MacDonald. Nick Swarsdon/Instagram
Footage of the bewildered audience. Sean Guy/X

Another fan who posted video footage commented, “Damn. Nick Swardson removed from stage and show canceled because he was too drunk to perform. Sounded like some people still wanted to see him.” 

After Swardson was escorted off stage, the venue’s director of operations told the crowd that the show had been cut short.  

“We apologize for the negative experience you may have had at this evening’s performance with Nick Swardson,” an email from the venue said, according to TMZ. “Unfortunately, this show did not meet the Vilar Performing Arts Center’s standards as a world-class presenter of the performing arts.”

“Therefore, all tickets will be refunded to the original payment method,” the email continued. “Please accept our sincere apologies, and be in touch if there is anything we can do to further assist you.”

The venue apologized for the “negative experience” and said that Nick Swardson’s show did not meet its standards. X/mountaintop801
Nick Swardson. Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency /
Nick Swardson getting escorted offstage. Sean Guy/X

Swardson addressed the incident in a tweet on Monday, blaming the combination of drinking, edibles and “high altitude” for his bizarre behavior.

He posted on X, formerly Twitter, “Just casually woke up on TMZ. Travel tip: don’t drink and take edibles in high altitude. Fucking brain diarrhea. I’ll make it up to you Beaver Creek,” he wrote. 

The Post reached out to Swardson’s rep for comment. 

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