Calgary Sun Letters to the Editor for Friday, March 15, 2024

Justin Trudeau

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The carbon tax isn’t working

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I am sick of hearing how most Canadians get more from the carbon tax than they pay. Those of us who work get nothing. We use our vehicles for work and to get to work. Most refunds are paid to those with low income, those on social assistance of some kind and seniors. Not saying they should not get it but it is the rest of us paying it and getting nothing out of it. Not even to mention it has done nothing to reduce pollution.

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Susanne Evans

(The carbon tax has just angered people.)

City misses, again

The City of Calgary recently said it had filled in all of the remaining seven bus traps listed on their site. They forgot the one by Village Square Leisure Centre as I drove by yesterday and it was still there. Typical City of Calgary.

Jim Llewellyn

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(Missing just one may be above average for them.)

A good one for April 1
Our Machiavellian leader Justin Trudeau is sticking to his role as Captain Canada, out to save the world with his yearly carbon tax increase. I am surprised he and Steven Guilbeault haven’t tried to instigate a worldwide ban on CO2 infused carbonated drinks, including beer. In the past 100+ years, carbonated drink sales have exploded globally, spewing CO2 into the air with every container that is popped. The global beverage CO2 output probably exceeds all of Canada’s 1.5% world carbon footprint. COP 29 will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in November and will be Justin and Steven’s opportunity once again to tout their plans for Canada to single handedly save the planet by reducing it’s 1.5% of world CO2 emissions with their carbon tax and running our entire economy into the ground while hoping other countries will follow our example. They won’t.

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Tony Borbely

(They will find a way to tax anything they can, don’t give them ideas!)

Hands off my money

It’s glaringly hypocritical of Ms.Gondek and her followers to be bull rushing her mandate to rezone the entire residential portion of the city.

I would bet this same group was adamantly opposed to the Smith government investigating an Alberta Pension Plan with the media-supported fear mongering of losing their pensions.

Now she wants to play investment roulette with what, for most people, is their single biggest investment: a home.

No arguments allowed.

Jerry Wilson

(Blanket rezoning has certainly gotten some negative reviews)

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