JA Manafaru introduces ‘Wellness Your Way’ retreat packages – Hotelier Maldives

JA Manafaru introduces ‘Wellness Your Way’ retreat packages – Hotelier Maldives

As part of JA Manafaru’s evolution towards wellness, the  private island resort in the serene Haa Alifu Atoll will soon launch five distinct wellness retreat  packages as an added option for guests to partake during their dreamy Maldives vacation. 

Since the first announcement of the developing wellness initiatives last year with the launch of the  acclaimed Wellness Your Way menus on 16th October 2023, World Food Day, the resort has proudly  committed to ensuring guests have choices around wellness. The new retreat packages were curated  by offering guests’ a la carte choices of treatments and activities within the package inclusions. The  carefully selected menus allow guests to choose the treatments that suit their own personal style  while being confident that they will contribute to their wellbeing journey’s results. 

JA Manafaru is also mindful that the field of wellness travel is wide and varied, and that those who are  wishing to dip their toes into a little wellbeing can be overwhelmed and apprehensive of investing time  and money into an intensive program. So, they have created a Taste of Wellness package, offering a  two- or three-day program, whereby guests can dip their toes in and test the waters. For people who  are looking to commit to gaining results on a five, seven- or ten-day’s journey, the resort offers  specific programs to guide guests along a path with packages to “Detox and Reset,” follow a “Mindful  Journey” or to enjoy “Active De-Stress. 

Maldivian Spa Treatment Detox And Reset At Ja Manafaru

However, the resort is immensely proud to announce their most unique retreat package, JA Signature  Culinary Journey. Since the launch of the Wellness Your Way menus, the resort has observed that  many guests have chosen to stay at JA Manafaru because of the menus. The F&B and culinary  teams have noticed an increase of guests who are wanting to change their dietary lifestyle or who  have in fact been advised to by their doctor. This led to the creation of this special retreat package. The JA Signature Culinary retreat offers guests a chance to effortlessly follow their new diet with  naturally nurturing cuisine and reset their system with specialised treatments while being supported  by the JA Manafaru’s team. To further elevate the guest experience through this package, several  culinary classes and workshops were included so that the long-staying guests will continually enjoy  their wellness journey during their stay, ensuring they have all the tools with culinary learning for long  term healthful habits. 

Both the JA Signature Culinary Retreat and the Detox and Reset programs includes Epi-Genetic  testing. This non-invasive testing is offered in partnership with Cura Pura clinic in Portugal and Cell  Wellbeing Laboratory in Germany. Hair testing has been used since the 1800’s but modern  technology has allowed JA Manafaru to collect samples from guests on the island and electronically  send the data to the laboratory in Germany for analysis. A 36-page report is subsequently generated  which offers an insight into the best foods for the individual to eat as well as foods to avoid. To ensure  a full understanding of the results, the guests will have a video consultation with the experts at Cura  Pura clinic, led by Dr. Rui Loreiro, a recent visiting practitioner at JA Manafaru. 

Moreover, the resort team will create personalised meal plans for the retreat guests to enjoy during  their journey. Meal planning is available for all retreat guests and guests following other retreat plans  or simply on vacation can sign up for our optional Epi-genetic testing service. 

All guests partaking of retreat programs will receive special inclusions such as daily morning lime  ritual and evening detox elixir, villa aromatherapy of their choice, a Wellness Your Way tote bag,  bamboo and glass water flask and personal journal to record their wellness journey, among others. 

Wellness Your Way Ja Manafaru

JA Resorts & Hotels Brand Consultant for Wellness and Spa, and long-time wellness expert in the  Maldives resort scene, Victoria Kruse, says “It is a joy to be a part of the evolution of wellness at JA  Manafaru, and I am fortunate to have experts such as our Director of Spa, Rita Gupta and Executive Chef, Moosa Nazeeh at the resort who have made all of these excellent wellness programs come  about. I am personally extremely excited about the culinary retreat however, as someone who both  has celiac disease, and must remove gluten from my diet, and chooses to follow a keto lifestyle, I  know firsthand how challenging the first steps are in a new eating plan. I feel confident that we can  guide our culinary retreat guests and make this process less stressful and in fact enjoyable. Not to  mention helping guests on their path to mindfulness, detoxification, and actively de-stressing”. 

These retreat programs are made possible, in part by the Wellness Your Way menus that are  available in each of the island’s five dining outlets, as well in the In-villa Dining — offering separate  menus for a variety of eating lifestyles. Whether guests follow a vegan/vegetarian, dairy free, gluten  free or low carb lifestyle, they can turn to their menu pages and order with confidence from a wide  variety of dishes made from specially sourced ingredients including JA Manafaru’s homegrown fruit  and vegetables. 

The resort will welcome guests for retreat programs starting from 1st May 2024 with an introductory  pricing available until 20th December 2024. The Wellness Your Way retreat packages brochure can  be downloaded here.  

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