Calgary Sun letters to the editor, Dec. 17, 2023

Justin Trudeau

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Trudeau ruined Christmas

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I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the entire Liberal caucus for ruining Christmas for a lot of Canadians who can’t afford food or, Heaven forbid, a Christmas present, thanks to the carbon tax. The rebate doesn’t cut it and we can’t even watch Disney+, and, no, our budget didn’t balance itself.

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D. Lammi

(It rarely does.)

Be mindful of labels

Re: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation refuses to call Hamas fighters “terrorists” even though our government recognizes Hamas as a terrorist organization. At first, I reacted to this woke platform with shock, but after further thought I found myself agreeing with the CBC, but not for the same reason. Calling a person a terrorist attaches a certain macho status to many warped individuals. Instead, the term “coward” or “cowardly murderer” should be used. I asked myself, “What could Hamas hope to achieve by these bloody acts of insanity?” I have come to believe they recognized exactly what would transpire, and have created a new war, with sick people worldwide decrying Israel’s response and, indeed, their right to exist. I cry for all the innocent Palestinians and Israelis, but do recognize that Hamas created this situation with malice and foresight, and, in spite of the tremendous cost to their own people, will prolong it as long as they possibly can, by holding the innocent souls they have kidnapped and using their own civilians as human shields. I must add that watching the celebrations of the murder and kidnapping of innocent people was as sickening as the actual events themselves.

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Greg Sereda

(The entire conflict is sickening.)

What’s with these drugs?

Why all of a sudden do we have miracle drugs that will cure or defer illnesses that have existed forever? Is it because the drug companies realized the old folks have money? It is now the time! How come the named side effects include so many chances of death? Is this a way to solve the problem of overcapacity at hospitals?

George Ewert

(We hope not.)

What COP stands for

Apparently the greatest gathering of the world’s elitist at COP28 struggled to come up with a unified statement that would accurately explain its approach for the world to follow. Well, this fits perfectly, the acronym COP = Continuously Oppressing People. Seriously, have you done anything different since your inception 28 years ago?

Douglas Cassell

(We need change for the better.)

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